Our engineering team has the competence to manage all varieties of IT platforms, big or small. We can either serve as a resource when a new project or an incident surpasses the competence of your own IT department or you can fully outsource your IT management to Alionis.

IT Management is Alionis’ first and most advanced expertise. Our team is at your service throughout the entire IT life cycle, from project design to implementation to day-to-day management to optimization and to an entirely new project. We offer several different service levels adapted to your needs, from an occasional urgent intervention to a fully outsourced and housed IT infrastructure.

Alionis takes a preventive approach to IT management, ensuring routine maintenance and updates of all equipment, from servers to hard drives and even applications.

In order to offer 99.98 % of network availability, we have to have everything we own or manage, down to individual services on individual servers and space left on hard drives, under constant supervision. This allows us to detect any tiny problem that’s easy to fix before it causes other malfunctions.

You have the option to be alerted when you have a service or a server that is down, or even a network port on a switch, by email or SMS. If you have decided to outsource your IT management to us, Alionis will react immediately to any alert for you with a guaranteed solution within 4 hours. These managed services are also available 24/7, in which case the engineer on-call will intervene.

  • Alerts on all critical services and hardware by SMS
  • Incident detection 24/7
  • Option of 24/7 Managed Services