Cloud computing is the sharing of resources, such as computing power and storage, over a network. The main advantages of the Cloud are the economies of scale, companies no longer have to make heavy investments to access large amounts of resources, and a seamless user experience due to the synchronization of data.

A virtual machine can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from simply hosting a website and an email platform to hosting an application that uses a lot of resources. The cost of a virtual machine as well as the installation time is minimal compared to an investment in a physical server.

Virtual machines can be hosted in either the Alionis Cloud that is shared among our clients or in private Cloud  hosted on a dedicated server depending on your needs. We can provide virtual machines with just 1 CPU or up to 8 CPU and do not impose a minimum amount of storage.

  • Ideal for most applications
  • Minimal costs
  • Fast installation
  • Flexibility in the quantity of resources

Alionis can install virtual machines hosted on your existing equipment or on a dedicated server that we provide you with. A private Cloud is best for those with several virtual machines or clusters, or for those with security concerns. Alionis can offer resources as a basic service or completely manage your virtual platform or offer a service in between, as not all companies have an IT department but maybe have an employee who can perform basic tasks.

Alionis has put into place its own shared Cloud where we can allocate resources on demand. Hosting your website, email, or applications on our shared Cloud allows for the biggest economies of scale as well as the most flexibility in the allocation of resources.

« Infrastructure as a service » is a complete solution including the provision of resources, virtual desktops and an Internet connection that are monitored and managed by our engineering team. We have engineers certified in both VMware Horizon and Citrix, the two most popular software for desktop virtualization.