Alionis has been specializing in Managed Services for almost 10 years and in Housing since the construction of our very own datacenter in 2009. Our experience has allowed us to become experts in our industry and we are more than happy to share our expertise with our partners and clients.

Our strength lies in our fully redundant network connected in 4 different datacenters in Paris and the surrounding region. Designed specifically for our needs and our clients’ needs by the Founder and Technical Director, Léo Goehrs, any information sent over the Alionis Network takes the shortest and most direct route possible to its destination.

Externalizing your existing infrastructure can solve several problems often encountered when trying to manage your IT systems internally, including time spent, extra costs and instability associated with the electricity and cooling needed for your IT equipment.

The engineering team is composed of experienced systems administrators and network specialists who regularly receive hands-on training on the air conditioning and electrical systems in our datacenter. We educate our team so that every one of our engineers is competent in every service that Alionis provides.  We do not subcontract any of our contracts in order to provide the highest quality of service possible.

We are one of the rare companies in France that provides both Housing and Managed Services to form a complete, high quality IT service without subcontracting. This allows us to form a close working relationship with our partners and clients. We pride ourselves on our capacity to adapt to the needs of our clients rather than imposing a strict one-size-fits-all model.

Owning and operating our own datacenter in the same building as our offices also allow us to react immediately to any incident, making us the most efficient choice on the market. Should an incident occur at 5:30 pm on a weekday, our engineers will not find themselves stuck in Paris rush hour traffic trying to make it to the datacenter to restart a machine.